ilShin Biobase Productievriesdroger

Lyoph-Pride Plant type is an integrated masterpiece from ILSHIN BIOBASE’s accumulated expertise and technology. Plant type is order made series based upon customer’s requirement in order to fit customer’s need perfectly.

Cutting edge technology and various options satisfy customer’s demand in the field of pharmaceutical, bio-engineering and food treatment industries. High quality stainless steel interior/exterior, multi-recipe process program, robust refrigeration system and low energy consumption enable you to find new phase of freeze drying with most comfort you can get.

Lyoph-Pride SCM models meet high profile standards of medical/pharmaceutical compliances related with BGMP and CGMP, providing optimal solution for complicated design requirement of sterile and bacteria/germ-free manufacturing condition. Standard control SCADA complies with 21 CFR 11.

Food Industry:

Bio plant freeze dryer for food treatment industry. Optimal solution for lactobacillus, food extract and compound mixture drying. Ideal methodology for value addition and extended preservation.

Pharmaceutical Industry:

Total solution for bio-pharmaceutical, germ free medicine manufacturing. SCM series provide various options according to customer’s need and satisfy special requirements with BGMP and CGMP compliances. From minimum to maximum size, equivalent performance is guaranteed. Cleaning in place and sterilization in place are equitable by in-house technology.

Summarize & options:

We offer Freeze-dryer (Lyophilizer) systems for pharmaceutical (cGMP and FDA approved) and food production applications, available in different sizes and all possible options;

304 or 316 stainless steel
CIP (cleaning in place)
SIP (sterilization in place)
Stoppering or bulk
Water cooled condenser
Pizza door for automatic entry to product chamber
Auto loading & unloading systems
Smart-phone application for control from distance

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